Our Thanks

Nancy, our children, and I thank the residents of State House District 46 from the bottom of our hearts for the vote of confidence you provided me in Tuesday’s general election. 


Our army of campaign volunteers worked hard on our behalf when they could have devoted their time to more enjoyable pursuits than knocking on doors, standing at polls, and all of the other tasks that a race like ours demands. Those who donated their time, donations, and efforts will always have our deepest gratitude.

We ran a clean, issues-driven campaign, without any of the negativity so often seen in politics. If more campaigns were conducted on a higher plateau, I believe we would see more citizens offering themselves for elected office.

My focus in this new term will remain on the areas I promised - education, ethics, and economic development - and I will endeavor to provide you with the same honest, responsive, and hardworking public service that I have worked to give you over the past four years.