"The Uber/Lyft Bill"

At long last, the “Uber/Lyft Bill” for Alabama is set to pass, and I’m looking forward to the economic opportunities for Alabama citizens, as well as providing additional transportation options for our citizens.


I’ve been a big believer in statewide uniformity on this issue, as I believe that it helps Alabama keep with the times as an attractive option for people and companies to visit (as a convenience piece) and potentially establish new businesses/operations as well. I want Alabama to be progressive on this, as at last count, 44 states have already implemented/passed comprehensive ride sharing legislation.

I want Alabama to be a place that businesses WANT to come to, and if there’s a good opportunity to do something towards that end, I’m for it.

I’m also very proud of my colleagues in the state legislature on the bi-partisan effort this has been. Many thanks to my Democratic colleague Bobby Singleton for his support of this effort in the Senate, and of course the advocacy of Governor Ivey. Many thanks also go to organizations like TechBirmingham, the Birmingham United League, and the Villages of Mountain Brook for their support.